The Washington Times quotes NATOSource Director and Brent Scowcroft Center Senior Fellow Jorge Benitez on the proposals that NATO is considering for an increased military presence in Eastern Europe:

NATO officials said Gen. Breedlove sent his list of recommendations to the military committee on Friday. The North Atlantic Council, which consists of 28 ambassadors, received that list Monday, according to Jorge Benitez, an analyst specializing in NATO at the Atlantic Council in Washington.

Gen. Breedlove will likely propose to increase the number of military jets participating in the rotational Baltic Air Policing mission, prepositioning equipment and material in the territory of the easternmost allies, according to Mr. Benitez.

NATO members are probably also chewing on the idea of basing a new landpower training center in Poland and conducting more naval exercises in the Black Sea with Romania and Bulgaria, he said.

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