CNN quotes Brent Scowcroft Center Nonresident Senior Fellow for Military Affairs and National Security Policy Nora Bensahel on whether President Obama will decide to keep or not to keep US forces in Afghanistan:

“The fact that the Taliban were able to gain control of Kunduz was a strategic surprise,” said Nora Bensahel, an expert on U.S. defense policy at American University. “It does call into question some of the capabilities of the Afghan security forces.”


“President Obama was very clear when he set out that timeline that he would stick to that no matter what, and there was very little room to reconsider that,” said Bensahel.

“He has every incentive to want the war to end in his administration on good terms,” she said. “For him to be reconsidering the number of troops is clearly a political choice he does not want to have to make.”

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