Brent Scowcroft Center Nonresident Senior Fellow August Cole writes for The Telegraph on how a small conflict could spark the world’s next great power war:

We are seeing the return of great power politics – and with it, the risk of powerful states going to war. Conflict with the likes of Russia or China was something that seemed buried with the end of the Cold War. Yet today’s simmering tensions mean there is a risk of such an outcome becoming all too real.

Conflict could also come as part of larger decisions to try and reshape the world. Power trends in Asia are already starting to shift as its military and economy begins the match those of the West. President Xi Jinping has already made the connection between military strength and national primacyin his “Chinese dream” speech, which envisioned the concept of “Guanjun Guojia Genti”, or replacement of the US as the world’s leading power.

The Telegraph

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