Gulf Daily News interviews Brent Scowcroft Middle East Peace and Security Initiative Program Assistant Owen Daniels on the best strategies to prepare and anticipate terrorist attacks and violence in the Gulf region:

GCC authorities should monitor people living within their borders to identify those who have been radicalised by extremist groups, according to a leading expert.

Atlantic Council researcher Owen Daniels said this could protect “likely targets” of Islamic State (IS) affiliates in Gulf countries, including Bahrain.
He spoke to the GDN following bombings in Paris that killed 130 people and twin suicide bomb attacks in Beirut that killed 44 people.


“At least six of the Paris attackers have been identified as European nationals,” said Mr Daniels, who is an expert on Middle East peace and security at the Washington-based think tank.

“Preparedness should not only mean ramping up surveillance against external threats from IS, but also continuing to monitor individuals at home who may have been radicalised.

“Countries in the region should be more worried about the possibility of IS-inspired attacks by radicalised individuals already living within their borders. Manama must continue to closely monitor returning Bahraini nationals who have fought in Iraq or Syria and have suspected ties to IS, and co-ordinate with the other GCC states to track returning fighters.

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