The Daily Caller quotes Transatlantic Relations Program Nonresident Senior Fellow Nicholas Dungan what the UK election results mean for Scotland and the European Union:

Nicholas Dungan, a senior fellow at the Atlantic Council, said in an interview with The Daily Caller News Foundation that with almost no more Scottish seats to claim, the SNP’s ascendant leaders are simultaneously “at their most powerful but also their most harmless.” At most, the party is likely to secure yet another round of the independence referendum which it lost — understanding that a constitutionally binding separation from Britain would have to be on Parliament’s terms.

After securing victory Friday, Cameron announced that he would help to “create the strongest devolved government anywhere in the world” in Scotland. Dungan says this language echoes the European Union principle of “subsidiarity,” by which as much authority as possible is held locally.

The U.K.’s constituent countries of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland already have their own legislatures which set local policies. Since, according to Dungan, “Britain has one of the most centralized governments in the world,” further conceding power to the local level “goes in the direction of where other countries already are.”

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