Middle East Eye quotes Rafik Hariri Center Nonresident Fellow Mohamed Eljarh on a UN-brokered deal for peace in Libya amidst backlash from the country’s own elected officials:

Mohamed Eljarh, a fellow with the Atlantic Council’s Hariri Centre for the Middle East, said House of Representative’s deputy President Emhamed Shaib told him that none of the House of Representatives delegates in Tunis had been authorized to sign a deal on behalf of the Tobruk-based government.

“This deal isn’t really a deal because the House of Representatives did not discuss or authorize any signature on it,” he told MEE. Instead, he said, many Libyan parties and the international community see the announcement is “nothing more than an attempt by the GNC and some Islamist factions in Tripoli to try and bargain for some more concessions from the political dialogue process”.

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