The Financial Times quotes Rafik Hariri Center Nonresident Fellow Mohamed Eljarh on increased violence in Libya:

“When the bomb went off it rocked the whole city,” said Mohamed Eljarh, a Libya-based fellow at the Middle East centre of the Atlantic Council, a Washington think-tank. “When I arrived there, the scene was very chaotic and it became apparent that the explosion was very strong. There were body parts scattered.”

Mr Eljarh said protesters took to the streets after the blasts, demanding retaliation against the jihadis in their Derna stronghold. The jihadis and their Islamist allies are battling Tubruq government forces in Benghazi.

“I think it was expected that there would be an uptick in violence for the simple reason that the army units in Benghazi have been making gains,” said Mr Eljarh. “These [jihadi] groups are making pre-emptive moves as in, ‘This is what you will get’.”

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