Forbes reviews the novel Ghost Fleet, cowritten by Brent Scowcroft Center Nonresident Senior Fellow August Cole, which addresses the threat of technological vulnerabilities and their role in future wars:

When two experts on modern warfare get together to write fiction I get in line to read it. Peter Singer’s Wired For War, which tracks the rise of drones and robots for war fighting, was a primary resource for me as I attended classes at King’s College. In all of my research Singer was the only one to hint that maybe all of this automation and networking was introducing worrisome vulnerabilities. Singer’s co-author, August Cole, was a defense industry reporter for the Wall Street Journal. He is non-resident senior fellow at the Atlantic Council where the Cyber Statecraft Initiative addresses the future of the Internet and its impact on nation state interactions.


By far the most important aspect of Ghost Fleet is the not-too-distant future they paint of disgruntled, respect seeking, Chinese leadership that envisions and executes on a plan of dominance in the Pacific Rim.

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