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In the News August 10, 2021

Gen. Jones in the Jerusalem Strategic Tribune: The two-state solution imperative

By Atlantic Council

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is the keystone issue of the Middle East, which, once resolved, could unlock solution to other challenges and create a brighter future for the region, says Atlantic Council Executive Chairman Emeritus Gen. James L. Jones. Despite efforts to impede such efforts, a two-state solution remains the only viable route to achieve peace and security, though relying on each party to make a credible plan has so far been unsuccessful. Read Gen. Jones’ latest in the Jerusalem Strategic Tribune on why the United States should advance its own plan for a two-state solution in order to promote peace in the region and strengthen US influence.

General James L. Jones is executive chairman emeritus of the Atlantic Council, former commandant of the US Marine Corps, former Supreme Allied Commander, Europe, and former national security advisor to President Obama.