Defense News quotes George Lund Fellow for Emerging Defense Challenges Steven Grundman on increasing engagement between Silicon Valley and the Pentagon:

Steve Grundman, principal of Grundman Advisory and Lund Fellow at the Atlantic Council, also sees reason for optimism.

He sees important symbolism in Carter coming to California and in creating the permanent office there. “If we could not get Silicon Valley to come to the Pentagon, we’re going to bring the Pentagon to Silicon Valley,” Grundman said. And that symbolism will resonate not just with industry, but with a Pentagon bureaucracy known for grinding outside thinkers down to a fine powder.

“Carter is signaling to the Pentagon itself that ‘I, the new secretary of all defense, care about this. I know some things about it, and I know some people out here, and it matters to me,'” Grundman said. “The symbolism has some substance to it.”

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