Inside Defense quotes M.A. and George Lund Fellow for Emerging Defense Challenges Steven Grundman on the latest acquisition system performance evaluation and whether the Better Buying Power Initiative has been successful:

Steve Grundman, a defense analyst at the Atlantic Council, had a mostly positive appraisal of Better Buying Power, but, like Hunter, he cautioned that analyzing acquisition data was a complex task.

“I would expect that there will be at least some things for Frank to point to that will demonstrate progress and he will be able to relate to Better Buying Power,” Grundman said. “Five years is actually a fair test of time for whether any initiative like this is working.”

Grundman added that he expected some of the evaluation report to track with Kendall’s new push for increased technological innovation.

“I think you might look for more in this report that is instructive of what makes a program’s outputs high-performing or innovative,” Grundman said. “I would expect that this report will try to take on the performance piece more analytically.” 

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