Atlantic Council Program Assistant Ian Hansen writes for the Hill on what the United States can do to hedge against future Russian militancy:

President Obama choosing to sign the Ukraine Freedom Support Act can begin to represent a smart new policy towards Russia. Specifically, if the United States wants capable and responsible allies to sustain the international rules-based system it has helped foster, it should strongly advocate policies that both support European partners and hedge against future Russian militancy. 

Hedging, a concept frequently associated with America’s plan for China, would optimistically encourage Russia to transform into a state that follows international norms. As that is currently a quixotic and remote possibility, the U.S. and its partners should also defend against belligerent Russian actions by steadfastly honoring regional commitments. 

This would be an apt of use resources as it would strategically place the U.S. in a better position to address future concerns with Russia and also globally. Moreover, instead of consistently reacting to Russian activity, a proactive balanced policy would neither exacerbate current tensions by hardening Vladimir Putin’s resolve nor would it further undercut Western power in the international system. 

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