Atlantic Council Program Assistant Ian Hansen writes for US News and World Report on why the “Finland model” is a good course for Ukraine to follow: 

A chorus of scholars and writers have offered the ”Finland model” as the best future course for Ukraine, the West and Russia. There are justifiable Finnish complaints to this historical analogy, but a closer look at modern Finland actually does provide an ideal goal. If Ukraine became a country able to withstand or even deter Russian pressure to the level Finland does, it would signify much greater progress than merely holding elections or beginning to undertake necessary reforms.

Vladimir Putin’s statements and tactical goals may change, but it is inconceivable he will cease to exercise undue influence in Ukraine via Russia’s new “non-linear” warfare. This multiphase approach includes creating favorable pro-Russian political and economic conditions, misleading domestic political and military leadership, bribing state officials not to carry out orders and duties, and using propaganda and trained provocateurs when and where appropriate.

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