The Guardian quotes Rafik Hariri Center Nonresident Senior Fellow H.A. Hellyer on the current nature of the UK-Egypt relationship and possible impact of Egyptian President Sisi’s visit to London:

“The Sisi visit is yet another confirmation that Cairo’s new dispensation is rehabilitated in the‎ eyes of the international community,” ‎said HA Hellyer, an associate fellow of Rusi/Brookings.

“Visits to Berlin, the UN general assembly, now London, and a seat on the security council – that’s all clear. What is not clear is what London itself will really get out of a visit that it wouldn’t be getting anyway without one. On the major political files around human rights, reforms and so forth, there’s little expectation the visit will shift anything. So what’s the dividend? Even those who back the logic of engagement in Whitehall are at a bit of loss in that regard.”

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