The Guardian quotes Rafik Hariri Center Nonresident Senior Fellow H.A. Hellyer on the United Kingdom’s Muslim Brotherhood review and why he views it as a missed opportunity:

Kowtowing to repressive friends is certainly part of this episode. But there is more to it than that.

“This review could have been a great opportunity for government to get more nuance into the public discussion around the brotherhood – beyond inaccurate characterisations of it being a terrorist group on the one hand, or generally a pluralistic democratic one on the other,” said HA Hellyer, of the Atlantic Council and the Royal United Services Institute. “‎A huge amount of work went into it – but the final release has summarised it into a tiny form, and the political wranglings around the document due to sensitivities in the Gulf haven’t helped matters. It’s a missed opportunity – but one that the government stumbled, quite predictably, right into.”

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