The Washington Post quotes Rafik Hariri Center Resident Fellow Faysal Itani on how the Iranian nuclear deal could strengthen Hezbollah:

Faysal Itani, a Fellow at the Atlantic Council, a Washington think tank, said it is too soon to determine the extent to which sanctions relief under the nuclear deal would enhance the military might of Iran — and, consequently, that of Hezbollah.

He said that Hezbollah has grown stronger but that its anti-Israel activities have been limited in recent years as the group pours resources and fighters into its effort to support Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, an ally of Iran.

“Will it transform Hezbollah’s capability against Israel? No, I don’t think so,” Itani said. “Might it result eventually in a more sophisticated military capability for Iran itself, that could then be passed on to Hezbollah? Possible, but that would take a while.”

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