Foreign Policy quotes Eurasian Energy Future Initiative Director David Koranyi on Hungary’s relationship with Russia with particular regards to its energy policy:

“Clearly there is a pro-Russian shift in Hungarian energy policy,” said David Koranyi, the deputy director of the Eurasia Center at the Atlantic Council and former Hungarian government adviser.


“Orban increasingly believes that a closer energy relationship with Russia is a much better guarantee for Hungary’s energy security” than seeking security through a more robust European Union, Koranyi said. “It’s a major about face from the role that Hungary used to play. Hungary can be a major stumbling block in what the European Union wants to achieve” in terms of building a single gas market in Central Europe, he said.


“Corruption is, I believe, a defining factor in the decision of the prime minister and his inner circle to go that route” on the nuclear plants and the new pipeline, the Atlantic Council’s Koranyi said.

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