Adrienne Arsht Center Deputy Director Jason Marczak and Global Business and Economics Program Associate Director Garrett Workman cowrite for the Hill on why the passage of trade promotion authority is critical to ensuring US leadership in the Pacific:

Securing U.S. economic and strategic leadership across the Pacific depends on effective commercial diplomacy underpinned by a clear twenty-first century geopolitical strategy. Congress should be a vital partner in the ongoing American “rebalance” to Asia and doing so requires the timely passage of trade promotion authority (TPA).

Only with TPA—a demonstration of Congress’ commitment to conclude an ambitious Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement—will the administration be able to negotiate the best possible deal. TPA is essential so that other countries take US positions seriously and agree to a deal that benefits US workers and consumers. 

If successful, TPP could catapult the United States into a new era of partnership with Latin America and countries across the Asia-Pacific. As the fastest-growing U.S. trade partner, Latin America’s presence in a successful TPP could lead to a new era of economic integration in the hemisphere. Such an agreement could broaden U.S. relationships with economies on the rise and with markets close to U.S. ports. Expanding close trade and investment relationships with Mexico, Canada, Chile, and Peru will provide immediate benefits and job-creating growth in the United States.

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