NBC News quotes Adrienne Arsht Latin America Center Deputy Director Jason Marczak on how US agriculture can benefit from an opening in relations between the United States and Cuba:

A majority of voters in four states considered to be leaning Republican are in favor of abolishing restrictions in trade, travel, and investment in Cuba, including lifting the embargo against Cuba, according to a poll released Tuesday by theAtlantic Council.

Tennessee, Ohio, Indiana and Iowa, located in the South and Midwest are considered to be more favorable to a Republican ticket for the November 2016, presidential election.


In the U.S., industries related to agriculture can see an impact from trade with the island. Of those polled, 60 percent were convinced lifting the trade embargo would be beneficial to the agricultural industry.

“U.S. agriculture will benefit from a further opening in US-Cuba relations and that is central to the economies of states like Iowa and Indiana,” according to Jason Marczak, Deputy Director of the Atlantic Council’s Latin America Center.

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