The Washington Post quotes Adrienne Arsht Latin America Center Deputy Director Jason Marczak on Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff’s state visit to the United States as her country’s economy slides:

“Dilma has a lot more to gain and also to lose than Obama,” said Jason Marczak, Deputy Director of the Atlantic Council’s Adrienne Arsht Latin America Center in Washington. “This visit is an opportunity to reset relations at a presidential level.”

Her agenda covers the usual array of topics, but probably the most important theme is climate change. A headline announcement on the climate is expected before the UN Climate Change Conference in Paris in December.

“It will be a political declaration . . . with the indication of what both countries are willing to do in this area,” Carlos ­Paranhos, undersecretary for policy at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, said at a news conference in Brasilia, the capital, on Thursday.

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