Fox News Latino quotes Adrienne Arsht Latin America Center Deputy Director Jason Marczak on how Russia’s growing presence in Latin America is causing concern among the United States and its allies:

“U.S.-Russian relations are at a low that we could not have expected at the end of the Cold War,” Jason Marczak, the ‎deputy director at Atlantic Council’s Adrienne Arsht Latin America Center, told Fox News Latino. “Russia doesn’t really have the ability right now to have a real presence in Latin America, but they can spark concern in Washington that Russia is on the rise in the region.”


“The U.S. process in Cuba is separate from what the Cubans and Russians are doing on the island,” Marczak said.

Marczak added that Russia’s biggest threat to U.S. policy in the region could come in the form of creating a military power imbalance through its sale of weapons and aircraft to certain countries.

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