Atlantic Council Ambassador-in-Residence Michael Oren writes for the Los Angeles Times on the key to ending the current conflict between Israel and Hamas: 

The key to ending the current battle between Hamas and Israel — and preventing more fighting in the future — is the demilitarization of Gaza. Simply put, Hamas without rockets is not the same Hamas.

That solution, though seemingly uncomplicated, has given rise to questions about its practicality. Is it possible? Are there precedents? How could disarmament be implemented and its permanence assured? And who would lead the effort, guaranteeing that removing rockets from Gaza would benefit Palestinians and Israelis alike and advance the cause of peace?

Demilitarization indeed has precedents, beginning with the 1982 evacuation of the Palestine Liberation Organization from Beirut. While Israeli troops besieged the city, the U.N. Security Council enacted Resolutions 508 and 509, which created an international force to facilitate the PLO’s exit. Similarly, today, the Security Council could authorize international action to oversee Gaza’s disarmament. Rockets, mortars and other heavy weapons could then be safely transported to a designated site and destroyed.

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