Politico cites the Atlantic Council for hosting an event on the threat of the Ebola virus: 

The State Department has entered into agreements with partner nations and the World Health Organization to provide Medevac coverage if needed for international health workers who go to work in Ebola-affected countries, State’s Deputy Coordinator for Ebola Response Donald Lu said Thursday. So far, that’s been done for 12 people, and the entities are working to ramp up capability, he said. The costs are paid by the person’s sponsoring organization. Lu hopes the Medevac services will encourage more people to offer their help in West Africa, knowing that if they become infected, they will receive high-level health care themselves, he told a forum at the Atlantic Council.

 — “Success will require speed and scale,” Donald Shriber, deputy director for policy and communications at CDC’s Center for Global Health, said at the forum, calling for expansion of isolation and treatment capacity in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea.

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