USA Today quotes Dinu Patriciu Eurasia Center Associate Director Alina Polyakova on how the blockade against truck traffic into Crimea enacted by ethnic Tatars and members of a Ukrainian extremist group will affect relations between Ukraine and Russia:

The success of the cease-fire appears to be part of the reason for the Crimea blockade, said analyst Alina Polyakova, who is working on a report on human rights in Crimea for the Atlantic Council in Washington.

“It could be a response to the cease-fire by the Crimea Tatar community because there’s anger and frustration that Crimea has been forgotten by the West,” Polyakova said. “There is no real effort to hold Russia responsible for what happened in Crimea.”


Ukrainian Tatar leaders will also travel to New York and Washington next week to push their case, Polyakova said. “There’s obviously some coordination.”

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