RTT News features the installation of a segment of the Berlin Wall at the future home of the US State Department’s Diplomacy Center museum, made possible by the Atlantic Council and the German-based Verbundnetz Gas AG:

The broken part of the Berlin Wall, which symbolized the “Iron Curtain” that separated Western Europe and the Eastern Bloc during the Cold War era, will be delivered to the US State Department for installation at the US Diplomacy Center Thursday, on the 54th anniversary of the closure of the border from East to West Berlin on August 13, 1961.


US Under Secretary for Management Patrick Kennedy will be joined by German Charge d’Affaires Philipp Ackermann and Atlantic Council Executive Vice President Paige Ennis in overseeing the installation.

The United States gets the monumental piece with the support of the Atlantic Council and through an agreement with the German company, Verbundnetz Gas Aktiengesellschaft.

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