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GeoTech Cues June 10, 2021

Senator Mark Warner on creating strategic joint partnerships to compete with China

By the GeoTech Center

Senator Mark Warner of Virginia recently spoke about the Geotech Commission’s May 26 Report Launch in a live event to launch the Report of the Commission on the Geopolitical Impacts of New Technologies and Data. 

Senator Warner explained that China’s government and leadership are a threat to Uyghurs, the people of Hong Kong, and the world, with its private sector technology agenda. He called for collaboration among democracies in Europe, America, and Asia on technology development such as 5G, open radio access networks, semiconductor supply chains, artificial intelligence, quantum computing, and more new technologies. Like-minded nations must collaborate to create technologies and set rules, protocols, and standards, he said. China poses unprecedented economic challenges that require responses from leading-edge policy analysts like the Atlantic Council. Such nations must defend their shared democratic values, and the Report of the Commission of Geopolitical Impacts of New Technologies and Data is an important step in that direction. To hear more about Senator Warner’s discussion, watch the video below.  

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Press Release

May 26, 2021

Atlantic Council releases landmark recommendations on the geopolitical impacts of new technologies

Findings based on bipartisan study groups of U.S. government officials and senior figures in tech industry.

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