The Hill quotes South Asia Center Nonresident Senior Fellow Barbara Slavin on what could be included in a nuclear deal with Iran and when to expect an announcement of an agreement:

Although the State Department announced talks would be extended one more day until Wednesday, there were suggestions they could be extended for another day.

”What I’m hearing now is that they may not have a statement today. It may not come until tomorrow, perhaps to avoid the unfortunate name ‘April Fool’s agreement,’ ” said Barbara Slavin, senior fellow at the Atlantic Council, during a conference call with reporters Wednesday.

Slavin said it appeared that the U.S. and international negotiators have convinced Iran to agree to a 15-year deal, and that Iran has agreed to “various measures” to cut off four pathways to a nuclear weapon. 

She said sticking points include how much Iran would initially reveal about the deal.

Iran wants to keep details secret until the talks conclude on June 30, but the Obama administration wants to put out an interim report to stave off sanctions legislation, she said. 

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