Think Progress cites the Atlantic Council for cohosting an event with Afghan presidential candidate Dr. Abdullah Abdullah: 

Dr. Abdullah Abdullah is due to face off against his one remaining opponent in a run-off election for the Afghan presidency on Saturday. Speaking at an event hosted by the Atlantic Council and Center for American Progress, Abdullah — appearing over Skype — told attendees that while there were concerns with the release of the five Taliban members who were transferred to Qatar as part of the Bergdahl swap, he had not been briefed on many of the details, only knowing what has been released in the media.

“Our main concern is about those who have been released so they do not join the battlefield, because they are men who are criminals who have committed crimes in a massive way against the Afghan people,” he said. Abdullah pointed to prisoners released in Afghanistan as part of past attempts to make peace between the government and Taliban, but have returned directly to fighting against Kabul, a reason to be watching the exchange closely. “Our prime concern would be that one,” he said.

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