Atlantic Council Senior Adviser Harlan Ullman writes for United Press International on NATO’s future amid rising tensions with Russia:

“I think it’s possibly the beginning of the end of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. I think it’s that serious. We just can’t sit back and let this happen.”

General James Jones, USMC (Ret.), former Supreme Allied Commander EuropeWashington Examiner, Oct. 19, 2015

Almost since its inception in Washington D.C. in April 1949, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization has been at one crossroads or another in which its demise was imminent. But, despite crises such as Suez and Eastern Europe in 1956; the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962; Leonid Brezhnev‘s ruthless end to the Prague Spring in 1968; the October 1973 Arab-Israeli War in which America and Russia almost collided; the Euro Missile crisis of the early 1980’s; and the end of the Cold War, NATO endured.

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