Vox features Atlantic Council report, Hiding in Plain Sight, in an article discussing the use of social media to track Russian troops’ movements in Ukraine:

Vice News’s Simon Ostrovsky, in a new report, tracks the social media postings of a Russian soldier to prove that Putin is lying and that Russia is in fact at war in Ukraine. In the above video, Ostrovsky retraces the steps of a Russian soldier named Bato Dambaev, who posted highly incriminating selfies all along his journey from his home in Russia’s far east to a Russian military encampment near the Ukrainian border to a checkpoint within eastern Ukraine along the front lines of the war.

Ostrovsky’s investigation is based in large part on a recent Atlantic Council report that documents Russian soldiers’ social media accounts, satellite photos, and many other pieces of open-source evidence to demonstrate that Russia’s military is engaged in an undeclared war against Ukraine.

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