Brent Scowcroft Center Associate Director Alex Ward writes for The National Interest on why today’s political debate does not represent the Millennial vision for America’s role in the world:

Presidential elections are about the future. They are about candidates presenting a vision for the America’s role in the world, and where they want the country to go. Among the voters listening to candidates’ proposals are Millennials, the generation that comprises one-fourth of the country’s population and is now the biggest generational voting bloc in America. More than any other voting group, they are listening to what the candidates have to say about the future.

Overall, candidates are missing the mark, failing to address the kind of foreign policy Millennials want to see. Most importantly, currently proposed policy prescriptions will not lead to the world Millennials hope to shape when it is our turn to lead (clarification: I say “our” because I am a Millennial).

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