The Washington Post lists the Genesis Code, a new book by Brent Scowcroft Center Nonresident Senior Fellow for Technology and National Security Jamie Metzl, as one of three new sci-fi novels that depict frightening alternate realities: 

Set in 2023, Jamie Metzl’s techno-thriller Genesis Code (Arcade, $24.95) finds the United States in dreadful economic straits, deeply in debt to China and in the midst of a divisive culture war. When a newspaper reporter begins an investigation of a woman’s mysterious death, he uncovers something more sinister that involves genetic ma­nipu­la­tion (the gen­esis code of the title) and various government and rogue forces. Metzl, who has worked for the National Security Council and is now a Senior Fellow of the Atlantic Council, has a strong command of the financial, political and bioethical questions at the heart of his fast-paced dystopian novel.

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