Euronews quotes Executive Vice President Damon Wilson on the NATO Transformation Seminar hosted by the Atlantic Council and NATO Allied Command Transformation:

He spoke at the NATO Transformation Seminar, an annual strategic brainstorming conference that brings together NATO’s leadership with experts and top officials from the host country. The event is organized by the Allied Command Transformation in Norfolk, Virginia, and the Atlantic Council, a Washington-based think tank.

“The focus of this year’s seminar is to think through how best to update NATO’s strategy, given real threats in the east and the south, against the backdrop of a dramatically changing world,” said Damon Wilson, a former presidential advisor who is now with the Atlantic Council.

“The practical focus is to begin developing the road map to the next NATO summit, which will take place in Warsaw in July 2016, a summit which will presumably be the capstone and last summit for the Obama administration”, Wilson said.

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