WASHINGTON, DC—June 1, 2020—On behalf of the Atlantic Council, President and CEO Frederick Kempe has announced his membership in Gender Champions in Nuclear Policy (GCNP), a leadership network that brings together heads of organizations working in nuclear policy who are committed to breaking down gender barriers and making gender equality a working reality within their spheres of influence.

Gender Champions include presidents, directors and other institutional heads of organizations that work on nuclear nonproliferation, nuclear weapons policy, nuclear disarmament, nuclear security, nuclear deterrence, nuclear energy and other related topics.

“The goals of Gender Champions in Nuclear Policy align with the Atlantic Council’s commitment to the idea that policy must be crafted by and for a diverse array of voices. Our work is more effective and compelling when it reflects our community. For several years, the Council has been committed to ensuring woman appear in all of our public panels and has required all staff to participate in respectful workplace training,” said Frederick Kempe.

Kempe added, “I am pleased to expand the Atlantic Council’s policies by joining others in this new network to commit to three specific pledges, in which the Atlantic Council will elevate women experts on our panels and publications and ensure that the Atlantic Council is a welcoming workplace for all.”

As a member of GCNP, the Atlantic Council commits to three Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely (SMART) pledges. The Atlantic Council will:

  • Strive to include at least one female expert on each panel, particularly in non-moderator roles, and collect metrics on gender parity on Atlantic Council panels;
  • Strive for gender parity in compendium and expert blogs on the New Atlanticist, as well as on media tip sheets;
  • Require that Atlantic Council staff complete annual respectful workplace behavior training.

For questions or more information about Atlantic Council’s GCNP membership and work on issues related to nuclear energy policy, please contact JGordon@AtlanticCouncil.org.