On the second anniversary of the Russia-Georgia war, the Atlantic Council is launching a high-level, bipartisan task force on Georgia, co-chaired by Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) and Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC). The task force aims to encourage a bipartisan consensus on policy toward Georgia. Over the coming months, the task force will visit the region and develop recommendations for policy-makers in Washington, Tbilisi, and Brussels.
“Senators Shaheen and Graham are respected and serious leaders. They will provide credible and important leadership for this effort,” said Chairman of the Atlantic Council Senator Chuck Hagel.

Senator Shaheen serves on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and chairs its European Subcommittee; she called for and presided over a hearing on Georgia in the wake of the war. Senator Graham serves on the Senate Armed Services Committee and has visited Georgia on several occasions. Both are leading independent voices within the U.S. Senate.

In agreeing to lead this effort, Senators Shaheen and Graham offered, “Two years ago this weekend, war began in the South Caucasus between Russia and Georgia shattering the transatlantic consensus in support of a Europe whole, free and at peace which could include Georgia and remain open to Russia. Now we need a new effort to forge a renewed bipartisan consensus on how to support Georgia’s reforms, preserve its territorial integrity and advance its aspirations, while preventing renewed conflict in the region.”

The task force is part of the Atlantic Council’s Project on Georgia’s Euro-Atlantic Integration. Through a speaker series, periodic analysis and collaboration with Georgian civil society partners, the project seeks to promote policy debate on Georgia and to support the strengthening of Georgia’s democracy, free markets and civil society.

The Atlantic Council seeks to renew the Atlantic community for global challenges through constructive U.S.-European leadership and engagement in world affairs. Led by Senator Chuck Hagel, chairman, and Frederick Kempe, president and CEO, the Council embodies a network of policy, academic and business leaders who foster transatlantic ties through non-partisan and cross-national discussions and studies.

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