The Atlantic Council today launched a new strategy initiative aimed at helping the United States work with its allies and partners to lead in an increasingly turbulent world. The initiative, housed in the Council’s Scowcroft Center for Strategy and Security, will address strategic issues related to US leadership and help catalyze a national debate on American strategy.

The initiative consists of five components that will be showcased at the Atlantic Council’s annual Global Strategists Forum on April 29-30 to assess key strategic issues in order to navigate the global challenges of tomorrow. These efforts include:

–          Serving as a convening forum for discussions and advice on strategy as well as provide a platform for prominent American public leaders on America’s role in the world.

–          Releasing a series of over two dozen strategy papers authored by established and emerging strategic thinkers from within and outside the Atlantic Council.

–          Convening the D-10 Strategy Forum of senior officials from ten key democratic allies to provide an international perspective by discussing strategic outlooks and priorities.

–          Convening quarterly meetings of a strategy consortium that will cultivate strategic thinkers from across think tanks and academia to build a strategy infrastructure by promoting an “ecosystem” of strategic thinking.

–          Injecting new thinking in strategy through a strategy lab which will promote innovation and adaptation while building a diverse, interdisciplinary network of emerging strategy leaders.

“We are witnessing dramatic events around the world that demonstrate significant and substantive changes in how the world works,” said Atlantic Council Chairman Jon M. Huntsman, Jr. “It is imperative for the United States to develop a national strategy that takes this complexity and change into account. It is our hope that this strategic framework can then be part of our nation’s much needed debate leading up to 2016.”

“We are determined to promote a more substantive and constructive dialogue about national strategy, one whose purpose would be to ultimately drive a bipartisan consensus on America’s role in the world,” said Atlantic Council President and CEO Frederick Kempe.  “With an emphasis on innovation and implementable solutions, we hope to produce real outcomes and actionable ideas at a defining moment in the world.”

The initiative will launch at an Atlantic Council event tomorrow with the Hon. Jon M. Huntsman, Jr.; General Brent Scowcroft; General James L. Jones, Jr.; The Hon. Stephen J. Hadley; The Hon. James N. Miller; Stephen E. Biegun; and Frederick Kempe. 

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