On Thursday, July 25, The Atlantic Council was designated an “undesirable organization” by the Russian Ministry of Justice. The Atlantic Council has released the following statement by its President and CEO, Frederick Kempe:

“We have seen reports that the Russian Prosecutor General added the Atlantic Council to its list of ‘undesirable organizations,’ which would mean that our activities had been deemed a threat to the national security of Russia. We have not been informed either formally or informally of the decision by the Russian authorities.

“We are proud of the Council’s long tradition of work on Russia and with Russians, and are disappointed that Russian authorities have announced this step. We are looking into the implications of this decision, which a number of our peer organizations have faced in recent years. 

“The Atlantic Council stands by its body of work on Russia and we will continue to advance our mission of working together with friends and allies to solve global challenges, in ways consistent with our deepest values. We will continue to be an unwavering voice for a better Russia and the future of its citizens.”