Over the coming week, Middle East Strategy Task Force (MEST) Co-Chairs Madeleine K. Albright and Stephen J. Hadley will visit several countries in the Middle East to consult with civil society representatives, entrepreneurs, and political leaders. 

MEST is a bipartisan Atlantic Council initiative to try to better understand the underlying dynamics behind the current crises in the region and develop a long-term strategy for supporting the people of the Middle East in building a stable, secure, and prosperous future. To accomplish this, MEST emphasizes collaboration with international partners and experts—especially those in the Middle East. The Co-Chairs plan to incorporate the lessons they learn from the consultations into the wider MEST project as it moves forward.

Albright and Hadley arrived today in Tunis to discuss the country’s progress and the economic, security, and political challenges it still faces, as well as the wider regional context in which the country finds itself. The MEST team is pleased to be visiting Tunisia during this critical period.

While in country, Albright and Hadley will consult with leaders in the Tunisian government and a number of parliamentarians from all political blocs. The Co-Chairs will also meet with numerous business leaders and representatives of Tunisia’s civil society before traveling to other countries in the region.

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