WASHINGTON – A new Atlantic Council issue brief argues that the transatlantic community can transcend its current malaise and best address the challenges of a globalized world by putting the advancement of transatlantic values at the forefront of a more integrated policy of international engagement.

Published today by Jeff Lightfoot and Simona Kordosova, respectively deputy director and assistant director of the Atlantic Council’s International Security Program, “The Strategic Rationale for Promoting Transatlantic Values in a Globalized World” argues that globalization has made the world ever more favorable and receptive to the democratic values that underpin the transatlantic partnership. These shared values are likely to prove an increasingly powerful strategic asset for enhancing Western influence worldwide in the decades to come.

Lightfoot and Kordosova urge current and future generations of transatlantic leaders to go on the offensive by putting the advancement of democratic values, human rights, and market economies at the forefront of the Atlantic community’s engagement with the world. Doing so will ensure that a world where the West accounts for a relatively smaller share of global economic and military power remains friendly to Western values and ideals.

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