WASHINGTON D.C. – JUNE 29, 2023 – The N7 Initiative congratulates its director, Ambassador Daniel B. Shapiro, on his appointment as the State Department’s Near Eastern Affairs first Senior Advisor for Regional Integration.

The N7 Initiative, a partnership between the Atlantic Council and the Jeffrey M. Talpins Foundation, seeks to broaden and deepen relations between Israel and Arab and Muslim countries. Ambassador Shapiro has been a key driver of the N7 Initiative from its first private gathering in 2021 through its more recent conferences in Rabat and Abu Dhabi, each designed to accelerate governmental policies and programs. 

“The Biden Administration could not have picked a better person to lead US diplomacy to advance regional integration,” said N7 Initiative Senior Director William F. Wechsler. “Dan’s new position is really a continuation of the role he has been playing at the N7 Initiative, and the N7 Initiative will continue to support him and his counterparts abroad in their efforts to demonstrate the benefits of normalization to the peoples of the region.”

Ambassador Shapiro has been succeeded by Ed Husain, a professor at Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service who has previously served as an advisor for former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, among other roles. “In my discussions with leaders in the region, I’ve heard a lot about the impact that the N7 Initiative is having behind the scenes,” said Ed Husain, “I’m excited to be able to join this important work.”

In the months ahead, the N7 Initiative plans to host conferences in Bahrain and Israel in support of the work of the Negev Forum process and other efforts to produce practical, impactful projects that take advantage of the opportunities presented by normalization. “I want to thank Ambassador Shapiro for his excellent work at the N7 Initiative and look forward to working with him in his new role at the State Department,” said Oren Eisner, President of the Jeffrey M. Talpins Foundation. “The decision to establish this new position and to appoint Ambassador Shapiro is a testament to him and to what we have all built together. We have very ambitious plans for the N7 Initiative, and we’re excited to have Ed Husain to help lead the program.”