• Time to Retire the Russia Reset Button

    Time to Retire the Russia Reset Button

    In 2010, one New Year's resolution for the Obama administration would be to retire the entire "Russia reset" meme. From its ill-omened launch with the presentation of a button by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov – inscribed in Latin (not Cyrillic) letters with a Russian word that implies a party is being shortchanged – the "reset" has labored under an apparent curse.

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  • Russia and Georgia to Reopen Border Crossing

    Georgia and Russia have agreed to re-open a key artery closed since 2006, another sign that Moscow would like to repair relations with its former satellite.

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  • French Ship Sale to Russia Must Be Blown Off Course

    The French Navy ship Mistral tied up at a downtown Saint Petersburg pier November 23. With the golden dome of St. Isaac’s Cathedral shimmering in the background, the amphibious assault ship made a perfect sales promotion picture, which was precisely its mission.  Some in Paris—led by the Elysée Palace—want to sell Mistral class ships to Russia, a venture with ominous geopolitical implications that would tear at the fabric of NATO.

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  • Russian Economy and the Balance of Power

    In assessing the balance of power between Russia and the West throughout the Eurasian space, many analysts have focused on political decisions. Does the Obama administration's decision to cancel the deployment of a missile-defense system in Poland and the Czech Republic leave pro-American governments in the region anxious to be integrated into the Euro-Atlantic community exposed? Is delaying a decision on whether to offer membership in NATO to Ukraine and Georgia a tantamount recognition of a re-emerging Russian "sphere of influence" in the region?

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  • Transcript: Missile Defense in Europe - Panel 3

    Full transcript of the third panel entitled "The Way Forward with Moscow" at the 2009 missile defense conference "Missile Defense in Europe: Next Steps."
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  • The Russia-Georgia Conflict: An Invasion by Any Other Name

    The long awaited European Union-commissioned report of the Independent International Fact-Finding Mission on the Conflict in Georgia was published last week.  Unsurprisingly, it largely corroborates Georgian accounts of Russia’s August 2008 invasion while blaming Georgia for sparking the conflict.

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  • EU: Georgia 'Triggered' Russia's Illegal Invasion

    As widely anticipated, an EU report on last year's Russian invasion of Georgia finds plenty of blame to go around, finding that Tblisi "triggered" the conflict but that Moscow violated international law by its invasion and with numerous atrocities thereafter.

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  • First Annual Members' Conference - The Russian Reset

    Summary of the breakout conversation "The Russian Reset" at the 2009 Annual Members' Conference.


    Hon. R. Nicholas Burns,* Professor, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard; Former Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs
    Hon. Richard R. Burt,* Senior Advisor, McLarty Associates; Former U.S. Ambassador to Germany; Member, Atlantic Council Strategic Advisors Group
    Mr. Ronald Freeman,* Member of the Boards of Troika Dialog, Severstal and Volga Gas; Member, Atlantic Council Business and Economics Advisory Group
    Mr. Ian Hague,* Co-Founder Firebird Management, LLC

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  • Merkel Win Opens Caucuses Options

    Europe’s broken Caucasus-Caspian policy is partly in trouble due to Germany’s Russia policy, which was put in place by the former German Chancellor, Mr. Schroeder, and faithfully executed by his SPD successor, Mr. Steinmeier who shared power with Ms. Merkel in the last German government.

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  • Obama's Missile Defense Decision: The View From Europe

    President Obama's decision to abandon the missile defense systems in Poland and Czech Republic agreed to by his predecessor has created a firestorm of controversy, with quite different reactions in Russia, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, and domestically.
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