• NATO Summit Special Series: Denmark and Norway

    The two Scandinavian allies strongly supported the outcome of the last NATO Summit in Wales, with a renewed focus on deterrence and reassurance measures to counter Russian aggression in the Baltic Sea region.
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  • ‘Competitiveness Heavily Depends Upon Price’

    The Danish fighter jet procurement decision requires further explanation.  

    Up front, the Danish Ministry of Defense seemed to have done it all right. In choosing a replacement for the Royal Danish Air Force’s F-16s, the ministry received bids from Eurofighter for the Typhoon, Boeing for the F-18E and -F Super Hornet, and Lockheed Martin for the F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter. The members of the selection team set baseline requirements and trade-off criteria in strategic, military, economic, and industrial respects. They hired Deloitte, RAND, Qinetic, and local firm Vorderman Consulting to build formal models addressing costs, capabilities, risks, and industrial benefits. The resulting figures, however, were wholly unexpected. The Danish MoD should provide some further explanation, and not just to the Danish people and parliament. For a transparent outcome to this process may matter in North America as well.

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  • Will Any More European Powers Contribute to NATO’s Eastern Force?

    Now that the U.S. is only sending one—not two—battalions for the alliance military force on the eastern flank, there is a big question regarding which country will fill the void.
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  • Obama and Nordic Leaders United Against Russian Aggression

    President Barack Obama said Friday that an agreement between the U.S. and five Nordic nations to increase cooperation in the face of rising Russian aggression is an effort to ensure that "smaller nations are not bullied by larger nations.”
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  • Don’t Learn the Wrong Lessons about LCS

    Military modularity done right is too valuable to forgo.

    Last week was Nordic Week in Washington DC, with a combined state visit by leaders from Finland, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, and Denmark. This week was Sea-Air-Space, the annual confabulation of the Navy League at National Harbor, Maryland. So there’s no better time to discuss the Royal Danish Navy—or better yet, to criticize a criticism about the US Navy, taken too far. On Defense One this week, longtime think-tanker Lawrence Korb wrote about the “The Lessons of the Littoral Combat Ship” (LCS). The lessons are legion, no doubt, but it’s important not to learn the wrong lessons, drawing a general rule about modularity from the mismanagement of a specific program.

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  • NATO to Switch on Missile Defense System Tomorrow

    From Vanessa Gera, AP:  A U.S. missile defense system aimed at protecting Europe from ballistic missile threats is moving into higher gear this week, with a site in Romania becoming operational on Thursday
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  • The Case for a More Robust NATO Presence in the Baltic Sea

    NATO has also begun to plan and exercise for maritime contingencies in the region, with additional bilateral and national exercises as complements.
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  • NATO’s Regional Security Posture

    On Wednesday, April 13, 2016, the Atlantic Council hosted a private strategy session on NATO’s Regional Security Posture featuring Danish Chief of Defense General Peter Bartram. With its ability to sustain high operational tempo, Denmark is one of the United States’ staunchest allies, and in many ways, the model NATO ally. Yet Denmark, as with nearly all of its European allies, faces defense spending constraints that will impact its future military forces. Developing ways to overcome this challenge in the midst of the new threat landscape in Europe will be critical to sustain transatlantic security. General Bartram addressed these and other issues with a group of leading experts while at the Council.

    General Bartram was appointed Chief of Defense in March 2012, culminating a decorated career in the Danish military that included command postings in Kosovo, Afghanistan, Defense Command Denmark, and NATO Allied Command Transformation in Virginia.

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  • NATO to Step Up Military Presence in Nordics

    Former Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg made the comments while visiting Stockholm for the first time since becoming Nato's new Secretary General last year, taking over from fellow Scandinavian, Denmark's Anders Fogh Rasmussen....
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  • A 'New Normal' for NATO and Baltic Sea Security

    It might appear natural that focus on Baltic Sea security would have come quickly for NATO after the Russian annexation of Crimea in March 2014, but this was not the case.
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