US-Pakistan Exchange Fellowship

Program Overview
The US-Pakistan program aims to build a solid, long term forum for dialogue between the United States and Pakistan with a focus on security, public policy/governance, and economic development.  It seeks to strengthen ties and develop increased understanding between the two countries through various activities, including an exchange fellowship.

The exchange fellowship seeks four individuals, two from Pakistan and two from the US, who are newly established scholars and analysts who wish to undertake policy-relevant research and writing in one of the three pillars of the program: public policy, economic development, or security.  Each Fellow will receive a fellowship to visit the other country for ten days.  During their stay, Fellows visit two cities in the host country, meet with relevant stakeholders and experts, and conduct on-the-ground research to produce a policy oriented publication, similar to an Atlantic Council issue brief.  Fellows from Pakistan will also have an opportunity to present their work at an event; Fellows from Pakistan will present in Washington DC or one of the other cities they visit while Fellows from the US may present their work in Pakistan.

Criteria & Eligibility:
We encourage you to apply if you:

  • Are a newly established expert between 30-45 years of age
  • Have a vested interest in improving ties with the United States/Pakistan in your field of expertise
  • Are a citizen of either Pakistan or the United States, currently living in your country of citizenship
  • Are affiliated with an organization/network of individuals in your home country with whom you can share the knowledge and experience you have gained through the fellowship
  • Are able to communicate clearly and effectively in English. US applicants with knowledge of Urdu or other Pakistani languages is a plus but not required

Applications will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  • Established area of expertise
  • Demonstrated interest in US-Pakistan relations
  • Potential for continued engagement after the fellowship

Application Deadline: April 15, 2014
Failure to adhere to application guidelines will disqualify your application for consideration.

Application Instructions:
In order to apply for this opportunity, the following forms and documents must be submitted:

  • A completed and signed application form
  • Current CV/resume containing the following information:
    • Full Name
    • Contact Address (including email and phone)
    • Education
    • Work/ Employment History
    • Publications
    • Honors and Awards (if applicable)
    • Two references from non-family members (Name, title, affiliation, phone, and email address)
  • Two letters of recommendation that at minimum addressing the following questions:
    • How long and in what capacity have you known the applicant?
    • Why do you recommend this applicant to US-Pakistan Program?
    • Describe some of the applicant’s strongest professional skills and expertise that s/he will contribute to the program.
      • What unique attributes do you believe that the candidate will bring to the program?
      • Recommendations MUST be completed by someone familiar with your work and qualities as a leader. Family members and references listed on your resume cannot complete your recommendation.
      • All recommenders should email their letters directly to
  • Copies of two or three of your publications (alternatively, online links can also be submitted)

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