The Rafik Hariri Center’s Rebuilding Syria project, directed by Senior Fellow Faysal Itani, aims to inform and advance transatlantic policy to foster a transition toward legitimate public order in Syria through economic reconstruction. As the two-year project comes to a close, the Hariri Center has pooled expertise from multiple specialists to cover the many challenges of rebuilding Syria, including in economics, finance, development, infrastructure, political economy, civil society, food security, energy, law, and employment. More than just a cursory overview, the initiative has produced a strategic roadmap to stabilization and reconstruction with the participation of Syrians and the support of the international community. This strategy has been developed thus far through two private roundtable discussions, two public events, two long reports, twenty articles by resident experts and external Syrian contributors, and countless engagements with key stakeholders to inform the discourse regarding economic development and its political and institutional enablers.