Jeffrey A. McLean Internship

“Every day of this internship is an opportunity to learn about international relations from brilliant individuals with a wealth of experience in understanding and solving the world’s greatest challenges.” – Livia G., Fall 2017 MLP Intern

Enabling the next generation of policymakers is the primary mission of the Millennium Leadership Program. Through the generous support of the Jeffrey A. McLean Foundation, we are proud to offer a paid ($5,000) 15-week internship position for a rising college junior or above to embed in the program and gain first-hand exposure to our various initiatives and projects.

The Jeffrey A. McLean Foundation supports qualified candidates with a demonstrated financial need who are unable to afford a fulltime unpaid internship.

In order to qualify for this position, candidates must submit the Atlantic Council internship application materials available on our website. Required materials include:

  • Resume
  • Cover letter
  • Writing sample
  • Transcript & Student Aid Report (submitted as one document)

Approval by the Jeffrey A. McLean Foundation is required to move forward in the application process.

The Jeffrey A. McLean Foundation works to bridge the gap between potential interns who need to maintain paid employment and organizations that do not have the ability to offer fully funded internships. They provide talented interns for small businesses and non-profit organizations while ensuring the necessary income for students seeking to advance their careers.