Turkey has the right to prosecute those behind the failed coup, but of course it is important that this is done in accordance with the rule of law and I also welcome that there is contacts between the European Council and, sorry the Council of Europe and Turkey because I was told so when I visited Ankara that that’s the way also they are working on the issues, making sure that this is done in a way which is in accordance with the rule of law….

It is right some Turkish officers working in NATO command structure, some of them have requested asylum in the countries where they are working and as always this is an issue which is going to be assessed and decided by the different NATO allies as a national decision and a national issue. We have seen a number of changeovers in the NATO command structure where Turkish personnel has been changed and I expect Turkey to continue to fill all its posts at the NATO command structure and again this is a national decision of Turkey to decide who is filling the different posts of Turkish posts in the NATO command structure.

Remarks by Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg to the press, Nov. 18, 2016.