Members of Congress: US Must Stand Strong for Allies and Principles

US soldiers of the 91st Cavalry Regiment, May 11, 2015As a Republican representative from Pennsylvania and a Democratic senator from Delaware, we disagree on our fair share of issues. But we made it clear to the citizens of the countries we visited that party labels are irrelevant when it comes to standing up for our friends and our principles.

We’ve pursued that same bipartisan commitment in Congress, too. As members of the House and Senate Appropriations committees, we’ve fought to prioritize funding for programs that will help bring peace and strengthen deterrence in these unstable times. Our bipartisan support for the European Reassurance Initiative, the NATO Security Investment Program, international security assistance, and humanitarian assistance programs are just a few examples of how our work in Congress is reinforcing our national security interests and honoring our commitments to our allies….

Today, Russia poses a direct threat to the sovereignty of Ukraine and the Baltic states, and seeks to undermine the worldview of a unified, free, and peaceful Europe. If the United States does not clearly and consistently stand up to Russian aggression, Putin will continue to test the resolve of both America and our alliances across the Atlantic….

Our partners and allies around the world deserve to know that the United States will pursue peace, confront aggression, and remain committed to the international institutions that have served the world so well since the end of World War II. We cannot forget that a free and stable world makes America safer and more economically secure, too.

U.S. Sen. Chris Coons (D., Del.) is a member of the Senate Appropriations and Foreign Relations Committees. @ChrisCoons
U.S. Rep. Charlie Dent (R., Pa.) is a member of the House Appropriations Committee. @RepCharlieDent

Image: US soldiers of the 91st Cavalry Regiment, May 11, 2015 (photo: Sgt. Daniel Cole/US Army)