NATO Membership Now a Hot Topic in Finland

Chairman of Finland's Center Party Juha SipiläFour years ago, when Finland’s current government came to power, Nato membership was deliberately ruled out.

Now, with a new government set to come to power after elections on Sunday, Nato membership — once a taboo subject in the Nordic nation — is being anxiously discussed….

“Yes, of course there should be a debate on Nato membership,” says Juha Sipilä, frontrunner to become prime minister and the leader of the Centre party.

He himself is against membership currently — as are a majority of Finns — viewing Finland’s current strong partnership with Nato as sufficient. Still, he adds: “We have to be very careful with the issue all the time and we can’t close the door.”

Image: Chairman of Finland's Center Party Juha Sipilä (photo: Juha Sipilä)