Show Putin Strength, Not Weakness, Says Estonian Defense Minister

Estonian Minister of Defense Sven MikserRussia has returned to Cold War ways by stepping up incursions into European Union and NATO members’ airspace and territorial waters, and the West needs to present a united front to deter President Vladimir Putin, Estonia’s defense minister said on Friday.

“Russia has gone back to the Cold War posture and they are behaving more aggressively and more provocatively, not only towards Estonia or the other Baltic countries, but against all NATO allies and all European countries,” Defence Minister Sven Mikser told Reuters. . . .

“I think Western nations, quite naturally, are not interested in seeing any sort of any escalation,” he said.

“But when dealing with any sort of regime like that of Mr Putin’s, weakness is more provocative than strength. It is very important that the West is … strong and united. That is the best way to deter Russia.”

Image: Estonian Minister of Defense Sven Mikser (photo: Estonian Ministry of Defense)