TRADE IN ACTION November 30, 2018
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G20 Summit: 
This weekend, world leaders meet in Argentina to develop global policies to address today’s most pressing challenges. The agenda focuses on development, fairness and sustainability. For live coverage, click here
USMCA: President Trump, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto signed USMCA on November 30 at the G20 Summit in Buenos Aires. 
GM: GM announced on November 26, that it would cut nearly 14,000 jobs from North America, including closing as many as five U.S. plants in states like Ohio and Maryland that currently assemble poorly selling models. GM directly cited the steel tariffs as a reason in its announcement.
Trade War: President Donald Trump says the administration is likely to go ahead with plans to increase tariffs on China, even as he readies to meet with its leader. Trump also stated if his meeting with Xi Jinping in Buenos Aires does not result in a deal, then he will place tariffs between 10 percent and 25 percent on all remaining imported goods from Beijing, encompassing all of the more than $520 billion worth of goods that the U.S. imports from China. A growing consensus of Wall Street economists suggest that the administration’s tariffs could cut US GDP in 2019.
Brexit: President Trump on November 26 said British Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit plan could limit the UK’s ability to trade with the US after it exits the EU on March 29, 2019.
WTO:  The World Trade Organization projects  that global trade growth will continue to contract, fueled by the consistent decline in export orders. The most recent WTO World Trade Outlook Indicator released on November 26 is at the lowest since October 2016. On November 27, The European Union Trade Chief Cecilia Malmstrom called on Washington to start talking over ways of reforming the World Trade Organization to prevent a paralysis of the international body.

Will There Be Trade Breakthroughs in Argentina? What To Watch at the G20
By David Wemer

On November 30, global leaders will convene in Buenos Aires, Argentina, to discuss areas of economic cooperation and the world trading system. The tenth Group of Twenty (G20) summit, which convenes the leaders of twenty of the largest economies in the world, will focus on fair and sustainable development, but the numerous side meetings between allies and adversaries alike could provide some of the most significant diplomatic action. For more insights on what the meetings might mean for the WTO, the US-China trade war, and transatlantic relations, read the piece here
Brexit: The Road Ahead
By Bart Oosterveld and Alvaro Morales Salto-Weis

Bart Oosterveld and Alvaro Morales Salto-Weis of the Global Business and Economics Program provide their insight on the future of Brexit following the extraordinary summit on November 25 wherein European Union leaders approved a draft agreement with British Prime Minister Theresa May. Yet for all recent progress, the turbulence is anything but over. Indeed, the EU summit’s mood was rather gloomy, signaling the many hurdles ahead that could still derail an orderly exit. Read more here

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Atlantic Council Quiz: Talking Trade in Buenos Aires

World leaders descend on Argentina this week for the Group of Twenty (G20) annual summit. While most of the action will happen on the sidelines, can you answer seven questions about the main event? Let’s see if you have what it takes to scale the (G20) summit! Click here for the quiz.    

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